Mediterranean Agroforestry
and its role in the
Present Environmental Challenges

Athens, Greece, 4 – 15 July 2011

International Summer School

In 2008, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation embarked on an initiative to advance scientific research by establishing and exclusively funding a series of International Summer Schools on various subjects; the environment was selected as the first area of study. The organizing bodies are Greek universities and research centres and the initiative‚Äôs main objective is for 30 Greek and foreign postgraduate and postdoctoral students to participate annually, free of charge, attending lectures conducted by invited speakers from Greece and abroad. Learn More»

The Science of Agroforestry

The Science of Agroforestry: Agroforestry is a sustainable system of land management which increases overall production, combines forest and agricultural plants and/or animals simultaneously or sequentially, and applies management practices compatible to local farming traditions. Agroforestry has numerous ecological, biological, economical and environmental advantages and only a few disadvantages. Agroforestry represents the development of an ancient art of land management. Learn More»

Requirements and how to register

Course participants need to have good knowledge of English and be able to participate. Priority will be given to students working on the topic of the Summer School 2011 but students majoring in Forestry or Agriculture or Range or relevant to environmental issues sciences will be welcomed to apply. The organising committee assures equal opportunities towards all applicants. Learn More»
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