Field Trip Program Announced

The Field Trip Program has been announced. Click on the following link:

Field Trip Program

Successful applicants & Accommodation in Athens

Dear applicants,

I would like to thank you for your warm interest on the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation Summer School 2011. We received a total of 62 applications, from highly motivated and qualified candidates. It was a very difficult procedure to select the 30 students who will attend the summer school and we took into account the following criteria: a. Phd or Msc students, b. Relevancy of the graduate studies to the theme of the summer school, c. Previous work and publications on the theme of the summer school, d. Motivation letter, and e. English language competency.

Best regards and wishes,

The organizing committee

1. Abdelaziz Ben Abdallah, MSc, Tunisia
2. Afroditi Chatzipaschali, MSc, Greece
3. Agni Kalfagianni, MSc, Greece
4. Aimilia Kontogianni, Phd Student, Greece
5. Aimilia Lempesi, MSc, Greece
6. Ali El Khorchani, Young Scientist, MSc, Tunisia
7. Anargyros Roussos, MSc, Greece
8. Aspa Kosma, MSc, United Kingdom
9. Ayari Abdelaziz, Phd Student , Tunisia
10. Bruno Afonso Magro, MSc, Brazil/Germany
11. Christos Karatzas, MSc, Greece
12. Dimitra Rapti, Phd Student, Greece
13. Eirini – Chrysovalanto, Chormova, MSc, Greece
14. Eleni Avramidou, MSc, Greece
15. Francisco Javier Lozano Parra, Phd Student, Spain
16. Hichem Rouag, MSc, Tunisia
17. Huseyin Yilmaz, Phd Student, Turkey
18. Jabier Ruiz-Mirazo, Phd Student, Spain
19. Jorgeane Schaefer dos Santos, Phd Student, Brazil/Germany
20. Judit Lecina, MSc, Spain
21. Liis Sinijärv, MSc, Estonia
22. Marta Suber, MSc, Italy
23. Pelagia Zoi Koukioumi, MSc, Greece
24. Sasa Danon, Young Scientist, MSc, Croatia
25. Sofia Plexida, Phd Student, Greece
26. Stavros Manos, MSc, Greece
27. Tatjana Kojchevska, MSc, FYROM
28. Vasileios Iliopoulos, MSc, Greece
29. Yousra Alouane, MSc, Tunisia
30. Elhag Mohamed, PhD Student, Egypt

Info about accomodation in Athens can be found here.

Registration deadline.

Registration deadline has been reached.

Therefore, application form is now disabled.

Thank you!

Confirmation messages

If you have applied and have not received a confirmation letter, please contact Dr. Pantera at

Thank you!

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