Field Trip Program

Field Trip to the Ilia Prefecture

The students will have the opportunity to actively interact with most of the tutors during the field trip to the Ilia Prefecture. This prefecture located in western Peloponnese is a typical place that combines a rich natural environment and history. Dense and diverse vegetation, extensive beaches and archaeological sites of unique importance such as the Ancient Olympia, compose the landscape. Dense forests of Aleppo pine forests and agricultural crops of olives groves and citrus plantations make a diversified and beautiful agroforestry landscape. After the devastating fires of 2007 the landscape of the region is slowly restored naturally or by human intervention. The Department of Forestry and NEM, TEI Lamias, is responsible for the scientific study and supervision of reforestation efforts presently undergoing on six major roads in the prefecture. During the field trip the group will visit the burned areas, and among others, the Ancient Olympia and it will be introduced to some of the ancient agro-forestry techniques.

Detailed Program:

Friday July 8th:
The group departed after the end of the classes at 18:00. After their arrival at Ancient Olympia the group stayed at the “Europa” Hotel.

Saturday July 9th:
9:00: The group departed from the hotel and after a short trip arrived at the village of Korakochori where they visited the “Mercury Estate”. The students were guided by one of the owners, Mr. Kanellakopoulos, and had the opportunity to visit, among others, the vineyard, the olive grove and many agroforestry plantations of the estate.

12:30: The group departed and visited the surrounding forestry, agricultural and agroforestry systems as well as the seaside village of Katakolon. During this morning journey the students were introduced to the different lowland agroforestry systems in the region as well as the primary sector of the region. Professor responsible for the morning trip: Dr. Ispikoudis.

14:00: The group returned for lunch to Ancient Olympia and immediately departed for the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia. Dr. Lyrintzis Giorgos, NAGREF, during a tour to the surrounding area of the “Kronius Hill”, gave a detailed lecture to the students about the rehabilitation efforts undertaken after the devastating fires of 2007.

17:30: The students visited the archaeological site and the museum by a certified tour guide. The group stayed for the night at the “Europa” Hotel.

Sunday, July 10th:
9:00: The group departed from the hotel and after an interesting route through some traditional agroforestry systems of the hilly and mountainous Ilia prefecture arrived at the forest of Foloi. The vice-mayor of Ancient Olympia Mr. Giannakopoulos P., the councilman Mr. Linardos G. and the forester Mr. Christodoulou N. gave a detailed representation and tour of the surrounding area. Specifically, the group visited the Environmental Education Museum of Foloi, the black pine seed orchard garden of Foloi as well as the forest of Foloi.

12:30: The group departed and during the return trip, the students had the opportunity to observe numerous different landscapes and ecosystems of the region. Dr. Ispikoudis informed the students on this subject, and specifically, the landscape variety that agroforestry systems provide among other advantages.

After a short lunch brake, the group arrived at 5:00 am at the dock of the “Neraida” cruise-ship. The group visited the ship where they were toured by Mrs. Spanaki Athina and immediately after they returned to Athens.

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