The main objective of this course is to advance the scientific knowledge in a group of young people, with a forestry/agriculture academic background, who would also like to eventually work in the field of Mediterranean agroforestry systems.

Specifically, the aims of the summer school are to present to the students:

  • The major types of agroforestry systems with special emphasis on those practiced in the Mediterranean countries.
  • The factors that affected and are still affecting the evolution and function of Mediterranean agroforestry systems.
  • The methods and techniques that are at the forefront of scientific knowledge for the management of these systems.
  • The major role that these systems play and will play even more in the future in confronting the major environmental problems, namely carbon sequestration, animal and plant biodiversity, forest fires and water quality.
  • The economic perspective governing the management of these systems.
  • The benefits of the agroforestry systems will be compared to the “conventional” agricultural systems.
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