Field Trip

Field Trip to the Ilia Prefecture

The students will have the opportunity to actively interact with most of the tutors during the field trip to the Ilia Prefecture. This prefecture located in western Peloponnese is a typical place that combines a rich natural environment and history. Dense and diverse vegetation, extensive beaches and archaeological sites of unique importance such as the Ancient Olympia, compose the landscape. Dense forests of Aleppo pine forests and agricultural crops of olives groves and citrus plantations make a diversified and beautiful agroforestry landscape. After the devastating fires of 2007 the landscape of the region is slowly restored naturally or by human intervention.

The Department of Forestry and NEM, TEI Lamias, is responsible for the scientific study and supervision of reforestation efforts presently undergoing on six major roads in the prefecture. During the field trip the group will visit the burned areas, and among others, the Epikourio Apollon, the Ancient Olympia and it will be introduced to some of the ancient agro-forestry techniques.

Attendance of the field trip is obligatory and free of charges for the participating students.

During their filed trip in Ancient Olympia students will stay in the “Europa Hotel” (

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